Persuasive Essay On Designer Babies

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Imagine your secret super child! A mother lost custody of her eight year old daughter because she injected her daughter with botox to make her look “attractive”(Winter). The parent’s action towards the child was considered to be harmful and not ethical. Even though the constitution does grant us the freedom of upbringing our child how we would like, one cannot do whatever they want. With society creating a perception of a “perfect human being,” altering humans’ logic to be “perfect,” the idea of designer babies was born. Designer babies are babies which doctors and scientists genetically modify, while the babies are still in their mothers’ wombs. The genetic modifications range from physical changes to the removal of diseases. Following the society’s idea of perfection, I decided to do my topic on designer babies to demonstrate that, “being perfect” isn 't always the best solution. The topic of designer babies holds importance to me because it can help me expand my curiosity and knowledge on this matter as a whole. I plan to go into the medical field, and while doing the research, I may find some evidence about why people should or should not consider getting their babies genetically altered. This topic is also important to me, as a “doctor in the making,” because it makes me determined to cure people the right way, instead of a slow suicide with the genetic alterations. There are numerous things parents can do to live a healthy lifestyle without altering their babies
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