The Pros And Cons Of Reproductive Engineering

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Imagine your secret super child! A mother lost custody of her eight year old daughter because she injected her daughter with botox to make her look “attractive”(Winter). The parent’s action towards the child was considered to be harmful and not ethical. Even though the constitution does grant us the freedom of upbringing our child how we would like, one cannot do whatever they want. With society creating a perception of a “perfect human being,” altering humans’ logic to be “perfect,” the idea of designer babies was born. Designer babies are babies which doctors and scientists genetically modify, while the babies are still in their mothers’ wombs. The genetic modifications range from physical changes to the removal of diseases. Following the …show more content…

As mentioned previosusly, since this is a scientific topic, there will be an enourmous amount of evidence to support both sides. There are so many factors that play a major role with reproductive engineering. Despite that, with the ongoing research, I may be able to settle on one side. Another problem I will face is finding the best source to support my claim. There will be countless graphs and statistics that may be biased, depending on the authors preference. In order to solve that, I need to research my topic, once in a while, to see the current statistical information for my information to be accurate. Also, starting early can give me enough time for any help needed on finding sources on this topic. I also need to look for some scientists and have their input on this topic. By getting a scientist to express their thoughts on reproductive engineering, I can have a credible source to support my claim. Another problem that I will face in this topic, is the role of religion. Religion restricts reproductive engineering, so when I conduct my research I will be faced with many ethical issues on this topic—thus making it harder to provide the real facts. Again, making more time and refining my research options, I will be able to overcome that specific problem. This topic can go into either category: claim of cause essay and claim of fact essay. Throughout the research, I might be able to decide on which path I should go on. I think it 's leaning more towards a claim of fact essay, since it is a scientific research, but some factors go into a claim of cause essay as well. The sources that I provide to support my claim will clarify on what I have based my argument

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