Is Reproductive Technology Harmful To Children

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Is reproductive technology harmful to children? While advancements in any technology are usually celebrated, there are some who claim that conceiving a child by sperm or egg donor is morally unacceptable. There are always a few who oppose reproductive technology based because they believe children have the right to be raised by both biological parents, but it is unreasonable to say that this type of advancement is damaging to any child born. Donor-conceived children not being raised by both biological parents not immoral, and the growth of reproductive technologies should be encouraged. In Elizabeth Marquardt’s article “Some Reproductive Technologies Should accusation,” she argues that use of anonymous sperm and egg donations should be halted due to the fact that the children conceived do not have access to both biological parents, which causes them to be "deprived of their full identities." According to Marquardt being raised and knowing our parents is our birthright and donor conception is infringes on that child's birthright. But is allowing a child to be born to only one biological parent really as unethical as she makes it sound? The answer is no. It is outrageous to say that we should not allow reproductive donations from people who don't want to be involved in the conceived child's life. The …show more content…

She says, "In law and culture, the two-natural-parent, mother-father model is falling away, replaced with the idea that children are fine with any one or more adults being called their parents, so long as the appointed parents are nice people." Since when has parenthood been based on niceness? And how do the roles of two "natural parents" differ from the roles of adoptive parents? Marquardt argument boils down to your definition of a parent, are your parents the people who raised and cared for you, or are they the people whom you share your DNA

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