Pros And Cons Of Immigration

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Migration is a vastly broad term; it is mainly associated with the movement of humans from one place to another usually permanently but can be temporary. There are reasons for this action to happen and those are what push people away from a certain place and attract them from the opposite place. There are factors of migrations and these differ from each but are always the reason of migration happening.
• Economic
• Political
• Environmental
• Social
Economic factors are simple. If a person is not satisfied with an economic situation such us not providing an individual the essentials of life, he/she will obviously want to move to another place where all these things are provided. Jobs are as well a really important part of economic opportunities …show more content…

It is the process of moving a person into a country permanently for residence. Theoretically speaking every single one of us is an immigrant came down from immigrants. Unite states was and still is one of the major countries of immigrants. These immigrants that migrated to the united states started from the 17th century the settlers were first Europeans. Immigration has encountered through 3 major events: during the 19th century after the civil war and after the abolition of the quota system in 1965.

Every year U.S.A receives approximately half a million immigrants. Yes, that is a lot but those aren’t normal immigrants immigrating these 500,000 are illegally immigrating into the US

Why do we Immigrate?

This is all related to migration being part of history that the need of humans to change place relays on the conditions they’ve live in to the opposite conditions they want to live. People usually believe that their home countries and not better then somewhere where things and essentials of living are provided all the time. One reason for that is poverty and insecurity and that’s what makes us move from one place to save ourselves but most importantly to have a better future for our

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