Pros And Cons Of Industrial Relation

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8.0 Conclusion In conclusion, Industrial Relation is important to create a harmonious workplace and create a positive and harmonious relation between employers and employees. It involve tripartite system which consists of employer, employee and government. Government play an important role which it administrate through the Ministry of Human Resources, the law will be implement through parliament and become the employer in the country of private sector and public sector. It protect the welfare of workers safety, health and rights. It also equip the unemployed with basic industrial skills and to improve the skill level of the workforce. Besides that, it also help to maximizing country 's manpower resources through manpower planning. So, in this report we had included some of the main role of government in industrial relations. The implemented Industrial Relations Act is to protect both employers and employees by protecting the minimum wages, discrimination or bias, and supervise the minimum requirement of occupation safety and health control. Besides that, it also focus on the employment condition which include sick leave, annual leave, pay and others. In this report we had include Trade Union Affairs, Employment Act and Industrial Relations Act. These three department which play important role to administrate. It is because both of the parties employers and employees want to gain advantage from each other but also are rely on each other, this means that the equal bargaining
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