Pros And Cons Of Keeping The Drinking Age Essay

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Most people argued that teenager’s drinking age should be low so that teenager won’t have any problem drinking and going to prison, however to those who think that it is because of the punishment that teenager’s should have their drinking age lower. My opignion is that thoses thinking could be compare to the idea that because there are many persons going to prison because of murder or something else we should do something so that it when be a crime that people muder or kill. By doing that, yes you did eleminate the fact that people are going to prison but you did not resolve the problem of driving car accident, diseases and many other fact. I think that those solution are laking in the fact that they do not revolve the problems that drinking age for teenager have brought. By punishment and a rewarding we are learning our older are lerning us how we should live and think. Some people think that government shoul not relate drinking the drinking age and let the teenager free, however the reverse of that will be that if there is no regulation on how people should behave and may be in this case the drinking age, after will had …show more content…

Actually that regulation is not all a negative things in the sense that some of the government solution are helpful and others not really. The reality is that teenagers are not drinking alcool to help them digest their food as adults do, however they are drinkin to party, make them feel cool, or to hide a depressing fact. Most of U.S adolencent to responsible when we talk about drinking, there are making their way to begin mature and reponsible. So this is also why keeping the drinking age at 21 should may be not be the best solution however it will be a better way to reason that problem of drinking

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