Pros And Cons Of Pharma Websites

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Pharma Websites and “Professionals-Only” Information: The Implications for Patient Trust and Autonomy “This article was written by Mark Alan Graber, MSHCE, MD. Dr. Graber lives in Iowa City, IA. In this article about prescription drugs and their benefits and side effects. Graber discusses how physicians for get to tell their patients about their drugs. So, the patients go online or to pharma websites to get the benefits and side effects that were not explained to them. Dr. Graber’s study looks at these pharma websites to see if where these sites have for professionals only information and how to access this information that patients can’t see. The findings of the study are from the Western medicine view. The sample was taken from 40 pharma …show more content…

67% wanted you to certify you were a healthcare professional. Finally, 12% had a “professionals only” section and did not need the user to certify they were a healthcare professional.” ("Pharma Websites and “Professionals-Only” Information: The Implications for Patient Trust and Autonomy"). So, for the discussion findings of this study we want to know whether or not “professionals only” access on a website makes patients distrust the information they receive. I think it does because it makes the patient think that the professional have more to see on their link of the website. This can make patients assume they are not getting all the side effects or health benefits listed for the drug. The second problem with the “professionals only” access how are the websites attesting to the user of the site being a physician. Do you just check yes or do you put in your license number? If you just check yes then how correct and accurate is the information because anyone can say yes to being a professional. I would trust the site that actually asked for a license number because then it would really be for physicians. I would also trust the information for patients on this site too just because of the license number

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