Pros And Cons Of Proposition 63

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Over the years, the enforcing of gun control laws has become a contentious issue that has gathered diverse opinions on whether or not this is an efficient policy that will decrease gun violence. This is exactly what proposition 63 strives to do, regulate the sales of ammunition and the people that can purchase it and require an extensive background for those who wish to obtain a firearm. The overall goal of this proposition is to attempt to reduce gun brutality in the United States, in order to create a safer community. If proposition 63 passes then the requirements to own a firearm or sale ammunition will become even stricter. However, it is essential to evaluate the economic impact this proposition will bring about. For example, there will be an increase in law enforcement and local court costs, it is estimated that approximately tens of millions of dollars will be spent annually. Additionally, if prop. 63 is implemented there will have to be costs related to new court processes in …show more content…

It is evident that a pro that may arise from prop. 63 is the improvement of public safety, because it will help prevent the use of guns and ammunition from falling into the wrong hands. For example, because there will be an extensive background check on every person wishing to purchase a firearm, the chances of a violent felons obtaining a gun will be highly unlikely. On the contrary, a potential con that may present itself is that if proposition 63 is implemented there will be a heavy fiscal impact in the economy, because it will prove to be costly in the long run. Furthermore, it is stated that many oppose prop. 63 because, “It was written by a politician seeking to make a name for himself, not the public safety community” (Voter Guide, 2016). Evidently, proposition 63 strives to improve the public safety, however, at the cost of taxpayers and law abiding

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