Pros And Cons Of Stop, Question And Frisk Policy

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Tiana McCroskey
Criminal Procedure
Jamal Lopez
04, March 2016

Stop, Question and Frisk policy
Stop, question, and frisk is an NYPD policy where a police officer can detain a suspect, question them and frisk them by patting down the suspect’s clothing based off reasonable suspicion. (Washington post).Stop and frisk policy is a controversial issue due to the rise of disagreement with in the public. Are the reforms to stop and frisk policy making New York City dangerous again? In order to answer that question we must first have to analyze the pros and cons of the policy to determine a proper answer for the question. Let’s first take a look at some positive attributes of this policy. The stop question and frisk policy was created in order to reduce …show more content…

Some say that stop and frisk policy is harmless unless someone is actually committing or has committed a crime. But there are plenty of incidents that has occurred due to this policy that proves that this isn’t true. One major incident is that stop question and frisk policy was that it was unconstitutional. According to Scheindlin, The New York Police Department has performed 4.4 million stops from 2004 to 2012 and 80 percent of the people frisked was reportedly blacks and Hispanics. This policy was used to racially profile against people of a particular race rather than prevent crime. Which in fact was the sole reason why this policy was banned and viewed as a violation to the fourteenth amendment of the U.S Constitution which provides equal protection to all against the government. Another concern in regards to the policy was the number of deaths due to this policy unsurprisingly most victims was of African descent. For example Amadou Diallo, who was a West African unarmed man who was shot over 40 times by four police officers because he matched a rape suspect description. Police officers felt that he was reaching for a gun when he was in fact reaching for his wallet and was killed in cold blood right in front of his apartment building. If the policy was created to be as a safety precaution for New Yorkers why is it that people are losing their lives to it rather than being saved? The bottom line is

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