Pros And Cons Of The Documentary Of Frida Kahlo

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In the Documentary of Frida Kahlo published by PBS America on October 26th,2012 there were many Pros and some Cons I noticed. Some Pros I noticed was that their were many pictures of her artwork and I really liked that because her artwork was amazing the way she drew was really detailed, my favorite drawing they showed was the one she drew when she had unfortunately lost her baby. Just the way she detailed her drawing, you can connect to the way she felt and the things that were going on her mind during that time, that’s how deep her artwork was. Also something else I liked was Frida Kahlo 's personality the way the narrator described her was really persuaded and admiring, because just the way she went through an unexpected tragedy she stayed positive about it the whole time, and her love life with Diego Rivera seem so passionate well except the times when he was cheating on her, but even when he did Frida Kahlo 's respond to it was so strong, she will make him beg her for forgiveness and she’ll go days without talking to him. And honestly as a lady 's point of view, it’s really hard to ignore your love one but at the same time they did you wrong so you know it’s like disrespectful and unfaithful in a relationship which later on leads to trust issues. But either way moving on, some cons from this documentary that really got to me was the beginning of the documentary, because just starting it off with old dusty looking houses and

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