Pros And Cons To Wear Body Cameras On Police Officers

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Body Cameras on Police Officers There are pro and cons to police officers wearing body cameras. In light of all the recent killings caused by the law, concern of the safety of both the authority figures and the public have caused the issue of there being a mandatory law that officers should have to wear body cameras at all time and make sure they are turned on whenever they are to interact with the public. Most recently there has been a plethora of killings of unarmed young minorities just for the simple reasoning that they looked "suspicious" or "they seemed like they were up to no good". The reason many states would like to put the law that every officer should be mandated to wear body cameras into place will be for the purpose of being able to record any interaction that an officer has with a person of the public. For the police officers to wear the body cameras it values the safety of the cop and the individual. Whenever they come into contact verbally and if it gets physical then it …show more content…

When it comes to the time where the officer would have to go and explain to a judge in court if it ever became a case they would have no reason to lie on what happened because it would be on recording. It's always the police word against the public and many times the officer wins the case because they are biased and their word is stronger. So with the video recording it can protect any false accusations, any type of abuse against the officer or the person, and any misconduct. The tape will be able to back up any evidence that is valuable and matches up with the victim in the situations statement. Others believe that having the officers wear these cameras are a invade of either the officer or civilians privacy. It can invade the privacy let's say of a sexual assault victim. Also the equipment is very expensive. The money can be used for other useful things rather than all of those cameras for every police officer in every the

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