Prostitution In Canada Persuasive Essay

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Today 's continuously evolving world is the breeding ground for many legal issues, surfacing and flourishing into numerous controversial debates. Among these regular disputes, the topic of prostitution and it 's legalization is one of the most prominent ones. Countless diagreements emerge when trying to argue whether prostitution should be legal or not, and ultimately it is a battle between the importance of having a personal choice, and the morals possessed by the the society we live in. Oftentimes, it becomes very difficult to come to a definite decision on a serious topic like this, just like the topic of aborition, same-sex marriage, and the legalization of drugs have all been controversial and highly debated topics in the past. …show more content…

One year later, the passing of Bill C-36 started being discussed, and it 's intentions were to provide safer conditions for sex workers, and to ultimately end the sex trade in Canada altogether. On Bill C-36, Peter MacKay said the following: "Let us be clear about Bill C-36 's ultimate objective: that is to reduce the demand for prostitution with a view towards discouraging entry into it, deterring participation in it and ultimately abolishing it to greatest extent possible” (The Canadian Press). Although the passing of this bill meant that prostituion was “de facto” illegal, the emphasis is on the individuals who are buying sex and the individuals controlling the women who are part of sex work. While some individuals might believe that the law is flawed due to the fact that is a crime to buy sex but sex workers themselves are freely allowed to sell it, I believe that this is a good way to diminish the negative effects that sex works brings. If buying sex becomes an illegal activity, less individuals will feel inclined to buy it. Also, it is a known fact that prostitutes are constantly exposed to physical, verbal, and emotional abuse from their pimps, so the passing of this Bill would hopefully make sex workers feel empowered to come forward and report the abusive behaviour they are always

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