Puritan Immigration Case Study

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Question 5 The topic of immigration is closely related to oppression and persecution. Groups of people globally are often caused to immigrate to other areas of the state, sometimes other countries to escape in pursuit in of fortified asylum. This topic correlates directly with the case of the Puritans in 1630 when they set sail for America in search for religious reform. With this pursuing of refuge the close knit Puritans knew they needed to develop a considerable sense of community. This sense of community in Puritan culture is closely associated with the spiritual beliefs, the element of their culture that they were able to share a common belief in. This community was not only to be established within their specific group of people, but …show more content…

These beliefs strongly went against true Puritan beliefs on rules, regulations, and gender. She then made the decision to move to Boston and preach these very beliefs to the citizens after John Cotton was exiled as a result. She began by advising many women that believed in the same principles. As her followers began to grow, she broadened her congregation to men as well. Because the State and the Church were so closely related, her preachings eventually resulted in many trials against her. The firm sense of spiritual community in the Puritan society acted a major role in the conviction of Anne Hutchinson as their culture believed that everyone was to follow the same set of specific rules of the Church and if people were to go against those beliefs, they were rebelling and disobeying God as well. The Puritans had a distinct view on Native Americans as well. An obvious sense of culture clash between the two parties. Puritan and Native American’s beliefs in the Church, ethics, and world-views differed immensely. The Puritans were incredibly unaccepting of other cultures and beliefs and thought that only theirs were valid. The two societies collided and because of the Puritans’ “either you’re with us or against us mindset”, the Native Americans were being forced into ideologies that comprehensively contradicted their

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