Queen Elizabeth A Trait-Based Theory Essay

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There are several specific traits that many leaders have in common, and those traits are considered as essentials for leaders. According to the great man theory, leaders are born, not made, and this theory became the fundamental of trait based theory. The limitation of trait based theory is not all situations require the same types of traits. Add to this, categorizing traits is not easy since there are hundreds of traits exist. Right before Queen Elizabeth II decided to go back to London, and fly the flag at the Buckingham palace, Queen Mother Elizabeth took a walk with her daughter, and taught her never forget her dignity and authority as the mother of the nation. Queen Mother Elizabeth is the mother of Queen Elizabeth II. In her view,…show more content…
Even though Queen Elizabeth II has had the authority and power over the nation for a long time, she tried to change her mind when her position as a queen was threatened by the nation, who were upset with the royal family ignoring the death of princess Diana. While walking, Queen Mother Elizabeth kept emphasizing the nobility and dignity of Queen Elizabeth II. In her view, her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, is the greatest asset that the institution has. Since born as a member of loyal family cannot be learnable, I assume this scene and Queen Mother Elizabeth as an example of traits-based theory. Behavior based theory is regarded as learnable leadership style, unlike trait based theory. According to a study of Ohio State University, there are task-oriented behavior and people-oriented behavior. Combining together, there are three types of decision making styles exist, and it depends on the level of control, and those are autocratic, democratic and laissez-fair. After two months of the Queen’s tribute, Tony Blair went to Buckingham palace to discuss political affairs. He took a walk with Queen Elizabeth II. Before talking about political issues, Queen Elizabeth II looked back her life while talking to Tony
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