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American Heritage First Draft “No lordly Turk, smoking on his ottoman, could better depict the deprivation which public manners would suffer, if Turkish women should openly walk, side by side with fathers, husbands, and brothers to the solemn Mosque, than some among us have portrayed the perversion our society must undergo if woman shares with man the office of Physician". ( Ann Preston, 1858) This quote from Ann Preston describes her stance on how women physicians were treated and how they were not allowed to work in hospitals with men. Ann Preston left her mark on society because of her lasting influence in the medical field. I believe one can attain knowledge of the theme equality from Ann Preston. This essay is about Ann’s medical …show more content…

The first one stating, “Ann made a lasting impact on the medical field for women because of her achievements.” The second quote states, “Ann’s biggest accomplishment was her founding of the Women’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.”
Ann was educated in Westtown Quaker school in West Chester, PA, but she was called home when her mother became ill. As she became more and more aware of how “sedentary and restricted” the lives of women were it inspired her to teach about their own physiology. Without Ann’s early experiences as a teacher, she wouldn’t have had as much motivation to teach medicine later in life. To further her education she apprenticed herself to a Quaker doctor named Nathaniel R. Moseley and began teaching health and hygiene classes. In the early 1840s she began teaching physiology and hygiene to all-female classes. Her view was to educate women about their bodies. In 1849, Ann applied to various medical colleges but was turned down consistently based on gender. Ann felt a connection to children as well and decided to write a children’s book called Cousin Ann’s Stories, and it was published in …show more content…

She was very supportive of equality,and displayed it beautifully in her life through her work for Women’s equality, the Clarkson Anti-Slavery Society, Temperance Movement, and the writing of petitions and lectures for the anti-slavery society.
Without Ann, women would not be as widely accepted in the medical field as they are today. There would not have been such an impact on her students and her society in that time. There also would not be a Woman’s College of Pennsylvania or the Woman’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.
God uses people like Ann to represent equality in the way that they are an example to others through their actions and the way they lead their lives. God used people like the men who write down what God said in the Bible ot share scripture to us about equality and many other

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