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: I noticed that Amir is a new type of person during this fourth of the book. Amir has grown up to be a man with a family, and now has a care free and peaceful life. Since his life before was filled with many challenges and scary situations, he has became more mature rather than a little boy under the protection of his rich and succesful father. But his selfish attitude still lives in his heart, he thought about his own benefit more than others , even for Hassan, a faithful friend who would give his whole entire life for Amir. On page 221 his words shocked me:" Why me? why can 't you pay someone here to go? I 'll pay for it if it 's a matter of money."His first instinct made me feel pity. He did not want to risk himself for his best …show more content…

Just as Khan said :" There is a way to be good again." He final choose made everhting chang, including his weakness.He gained a sense of reponsebility, it was real new Amir. This section of the story really touched me to see the young Amir finally grow up and mature. It was like a coming of age expierence for Amir to finally grow out of his old self and into a new man. Throughout this part of the novel i have to admit i felt really bad for his friend Hassan because he is a really great friend of Amir but it seems to me that Amir does not truely respect and honor his friends loyalty and love for him. When the new Amir finally came into affect it really lifted my spirits and made me happy to see what kind of man my beloved Amir was turning into. He was starting to stick up for himself, he was starting to show more responsibilty for him self and others, started having more respect for himself and others, and started to not let what people had to say about him affect and play a role in his head as much as he did before his life changing journey and new sought after attitude. I am anxious to see how the new Amir develops and becomes more of a man and to see what decisions he will make and how he will handle these new situations he will soon be

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