RIP System Pros And Cons

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It is inevitable that technology is becoming exceedingly advanced and improved upon every day, and that it is most definitely required in the medical field. Although, I do not think that it should become dependent upon or be able to make decisions for us. Technology cannot make the same decision/judgement that a human being can make, and is only programmed to work as intelligently as it has been made to do so. Technology, however, is obviously needed, but should not replace the determination as to whether to try and save someone’s life. A controversial piece of technology used in emergency rooms all around the world, is the RIP system. This system uses statistical possibility by analyzing all of the input on a particular patient and makes …show more content…

What will the doctors tell the family members of the patient? Something like, “We didn’t try to save his or her life because a machine said he or she wouldn’t make it”? That would be absolutely unheard of and completely unethical and many hospitals would have an insane amount of issues from the family members of those patients. Some may say that it allows a more effective use of limited medical resources, due to the fact that the patient would have to go under expensive procedures even though they most likely will not live. Although, every patient should be treated equally no matter their condition because one may never know that they may actually save a life against all odds, it has happened before.
Medical technology and technology in general is constantly evolving every day with many new breakthroughs. With more sophisticated technology making work for us easier, it is inevitable that the evolving technology will be used in emergency rooms whether we like it or not because it can only make the job for doctors easier and more efficient. I’d like to believe that we will not let it make decisions for us, but eventually it just might. Overall I think the most ethical way to use this technology is more as a reference, rather than a decision

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