Racial Profiling Case

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The murder of Oscar Grant was another case of racial profiling. Oscar Grant had been celebrating the New Years with some of his close friends and girlfriend. At 2:00 officers had responded to a report that a fight had broken out on the train. Grant was snatched off a train because police “felt” he was a part of the riot on the train, but he had nothing to do with it. In fact the train conductor said “Grant wasn’t one of the men that had been involved in the fight”. Police didn’t take the proper care of handling the situation. Grant was grab off the train and thrown to the ground like a used toy. Officer Johannes Mehserle put his knee in the back of Grant, during the video you see that officer using brute force. In which he grabs a gun and …show more content…

Racial profiling relates to having an ascribed status because they were born into a life of poverty and crime. Cops and others see people that live in section 8 housing as being below a standard that they are accustom to. In most cases people that come from a poor upbringing tend to move up on the social spectrum which is called achieved status, in fact those some people who lived in cop infested areas are now becoming doctors, lawyers and etc. Racial profiling violates the 4th amendment which stops unreasonable search and seizures without having a warrant from a court. A functionalist studies society as a whole and with racial profiling in New York and other cities it causes a big dilemma. In order for there to be change the judicial branch needs to decide if random stop and frisk (mainly targeted towards minorities) is constitutional. Not only does it degrade that person but it also violates the person’s right of being treated with equality. The reason why cops racially profile black people or minorities is because of their material and non-material culture. When cops see a black man wearing a hoodie their minds are already wondering what is he up

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