Racial Profiling Is Wrong

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Lorenz Aguilar
EWRC, Per.1
14 September 2016
Racial Profiling Essay
Racial profiling is a worldwide problem that has been around for I don’t know how long. It happens in every corner of the world in the cities, workplace, communities, and countries in general. Racial profiling refers to the inequitable practice by authority officials targeting individuals for suspicion of any crime related based on the individual 's race, ethnicity, religion or national origin. For me racial profiling is wrong and I see why but in some cases it is understandable.
The main question always asked or thought about is racial profiling illegal well it depends the power of an authority to stop and frisk vary from the location or country. But profiling …show more content…

They separate them by skin, religion, ethnicity, race, gender, age, aspect, actions and categories people this way. Another word I can use is prejudge or discrimination.”Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton walked into Manhattan 's 30th Precinct, the Dirty Thirty, one of the most corrupt precincts in the city. He marched the corrupt cops out the door…” How can I make that claim well recent research and statistics show 70% of drug users are whites, 15% are blacks, and 8% are Latinos. But the Department of Justice reports and charts show that among those put in jail on drug charges, 26% are whites, 45% are blacks, and 21% are Latinos.This might show that authorities actions are unjust but in certain situation it is acceptable because there are times where racial profiling isn’t unjust. Like in this article I read by John Stossel he wrote about a situation that occurred in Port Angeles authorities were in search for a Middle Eastern man when they saw Ahmed Ressam, an Algerian, after he crossed into the United States from Canada. The authorities decided to pull him over and check his car and what they found was shocking it was materials to create a bomb. The officers said if they didn’t use racial profiling many may have died because of the bomb that man was going to make and probably use.
Many questions that is about racial profiling is where are you from why is that. It is because many fear

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