Racially Biased Policing

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Racially Biased Policing in South Carolina Racially biased policing is a frightening social problem that I will be discussing on my research paper. First I would like to state that by having a better understanding of racially biased policing will allow the readers to have knowledge of this social problem at hand. Racially means the races of humankind; biased means an unjust treatment toward someone; and policing is an authority adult male or female, who can take away your freedom or life if given profitable cause. From this it is safe to determine that racially biased policing are authorities who prejudice against people who are poor and of color. I will discuss those purposes of racially biased policing throughout this research paper. Food…show more content…
• Attacking and beating, resulting in broken bones, dislocated body parts, and death • North Charleston is 47% African American and the police department is 80% white Victims of Racially Biased Policing Racially biased policing occurs often in North Charleston, South Carolina, from the research I found on this topic I am not surprised in this finding described by (Hagler 2015) The shocking deaths at the hands of police in New York City; Ferguson, Missouri; North Charleston, South Carolina; and Baltimore, to name a few, have awakened the nation to the criminal justice system’s disparate impact on people of color. Racially biased policing has a major effect on poor people. This includes low income areas, known areas of high in crime, and government assisted living. With that being said male African American are being targeted out of this race. The African American race has a high rate in being labeled as a trouble maker, drug dealer, violent, and are discriminated against. People don’t notice small issues sometimes until a bigger issue presents itself. Hopefully with the facts given people would look back and notice there was signs all…show more content…
There have been numerous attempts at lessening racially biased policing, but it still exist and is a very big social problem. The extremity of racial biased policing is upsetting for me being an African American mother of two males, who have already experience this at a young age of nine and eleven. The misconduct that authority have for poor and color people is life or death, times have not change. People of color and poverty are still fighting for equality and change is overdue. I am here to take a stand and not allow racially biased policing corrupt my family lives or my life. In spite of the obstacles that will come, there is a greater cause. So there will be a lot of white citizens in South Carolina who don’t agree but with unity, education, and communication racially biased policing will be
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