Racism Vs Prejudice Essay

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2. How is institutional racism different from prejudice? Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another. That has to be taught, or developed as a cultural ideology (for example, the Spanish Reconquista) Prejudice is different. Prejudice is the pre-judging of a situation or person based upon less than all the facts. Racism occurs when we look to others as a threat, when we try to “educate” them in a way that they behave more like us. Occurs when we don 't share same ideology and instead of getting involve we push them aside, and then target them as different in the way the do not deserve to be include in “our” perfect society. When cities are divided by ethnic, culture, or color we open the first gap towards racism, because we are not accepting others as human, bus as something else, just because they do not have the same ideology or they just look different.
Prejudice is a survival mechanism. It developed to keep us safe: If you see a lion charging at you, you will automatically assume it is going to eat you. It may actually be coming up to lick your face, but our assumption is that a charging lion wants to eat us. “This is prejudice, and it kept our distant ancestors on the African Savannah alive”. Prejudice and racism are …show more content…

Why? When the president “John F Kennedy refers to his executive order in 1961 and establish for the first time the “affirmative action”” sentence to ensure minority where employee and they could access to better jobs, he was not referring to only working conditions, but to establish equality in the society where the minority cannot be pushed aside, but include as equals. So, it should be instituted for several reasons and on all the scenarios; college, work, housing, health and recreation. Everybody should be included as equal, reaching at the minorities’ with better college opportunities, academic counseling and better plans of financial

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