Ralph In Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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In today 's society people are appointed to insure the well-being and safety of the citizens. In many other places there are people who overthrow others for power. Superiority is given to govern society in an organized fashion that support its people. Stranded on the island, the first thing the boys do is recreate society by implementing a hierarchy. Ralph being voted as chief and Jack being head of the hunting team causes clashes of power and authority, resulting in the falling of the group. William Golding is showing that there are those who are given or earn power and there are those who take it.
There are many boys that are now stranded on an island after a plane crash. Ralph, is a carefree preteen and also attractive. Ralph could care less about figuring out where he is, all he knows is that there are no adults around. This gives Ralph the perfect opportunity to do as he pleases. Ralph then encounters Piggy, another person stranded on the island. The difference is that Piggy is fat and also never taken seriously, but has the power of knowledge. Piggy who stumbles across a conch decided to take it and suggested that Ralph blow it to notify if anyone else was on the island. Many of the children started coming from all different directions and formed a ring. After everyone was together, there was a loud commotion that caused a conclusion of having a chief. ¨Him with the shell……¨ ¨Let him be chief with the trumpet-thing.¨ [22]. Ralph was the most applicable person to become leader. Not only is Ralph physically appealing, but he held the conch. The shell is what brought everyone together and the fact that Ralph is the one who blew it, concluded that he was fit to lead. The …show more content…

Many of the boys in the group have been killed because of the decisions that were made by others. The different types of leadership have formed a dived in the group, which came with a price. Throughout the book Golding is showing that the right leadership is crucial for the

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