Ralph Leadership Characteristics

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Certain traits and characteristics make a leader. For a leader to earn the trust of people and to make them understand his or her authority, he or she must get a few specific characteristics. The book Lord of the Flies establishes these traits in the character Ralph. Some of these key traits include maturity, integrity, and reliability. Due to the fact that no adults were on the island, Ralph had seemed to be the most mature child on the island. The fact that Ralph had gotten all the children together and tried to initiate an action plan of their survival made him seem mature. Though Ralph had received credit for Piggy’s ideas, Piggy was unappreciated and socially unaccepted by the boys. Ralph had been voted chief mostly because of the conch. Finding the conch and using it to summon the boys showed his authority and maturity. When Ralph had been nominated by the boys one boy shouted,”Him with the shell.” (Golding,1954) Meaning that they had seen Ralph as a leader because he had held the conch. Ralph leadership skills were defined by integrity. Being honest and accomplishing a society, instead of allowing chaos made him an exceptional leader. He had given the boys jobs and rules for their safety and survival. Such as the choir having the job of tending to the fire and hunting boar. The fire was to ensure …show more content…

He took responsibility of the boys and promised that they would be saved. The boys had relied on him because he seemed to know what he was talking about. He stated,”I could swim when I was five. Daddy taught me. He’s a commander in the Navy. When he gets leave he’ll come and rescue us…” (Golding,1954)This made Piggy and the children think that sense Ralph’s dad was a commander in the Navy, he had more experience and knowledge about the situation that they were in. Having more relevant experience than Jack, whose only credential was singing a C sharp, Made him more reliable than

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