Ralph Waldo Emerson Character Analysis

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Ralph Waldo Emerson, a prominent transcendentalist and author, said this: "Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." This quote speaks volumes to the progression of American society and the world. If the many great innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, businesspeople, or politicians simply stopped working after feeling as though they have accomplished all that they could, perhaps thousands of mankind 's greatest accomplishments may never have come to be. The desire to continue progressing is chiefly driven by three traits: a growth mindset, passion, and persistence. Exercising these three traits together sustains an individual through any obstacle they may face. A growth mindset …show more content…

A hunger and desire to dance compels people to work with, watch, and learn from that dancer. I have been a dancer for over ten years now; I can attest to how far passion can carry a dancer. As a dancer, I learn everything in steps: there are a plethora of movements and acrobatics that could not possibly be learned simply by watching them one time. After mastering the steps, I always ask myself what I could give to the movement to make it my own. My passion for dance has always compelled me to continually give more of myself than what is expected. A dancer with no passion would simply regurgitate what their teacher has given them. Determination can be described as the drive to accomplish the tasks that one is given, and it will be completed despite the obstacles that are put in that individual 's way. As an involved student in the activities of my school, I have to balance an extremely hectic schedule. Often times, my events happen on the same days and require considerable amounts of my attention all at once. This also includes completing all of my academic work as well, and it adds another floor to the towering skyscraper that is my schedule. After successfully completing one task, I am eager to continue on to the next. I have unfortunately lost many

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