Rationalisation Of A 15-Minute Presentation On Nurses As Knowledge Workers

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This essay will give an explanation and rationalisation of a lesson plan designed for a 15-minute presentation on ‘Nurses as Knowledge Workers’. This essay will draw on Bloom’s taxonomy and further literature to rationalise each section of the lesson plan including the; context, learning objectives, content, resources and assessments. Lastly, a short explanation will be provided on how the work was evenly distributed within the group. The context informs the presenters of the situation, the client and time available. This allows for informed choices to be made on what information the presenters should be providing and how to convey the content appropriately (Nulty & Meyers, 2009). The clients were identified as experienced nurses with a substantial knowledge base to reflect and build upon who appreciate information that has relevance and meaning to their practice (Lengacher & Wiles, 2014). The time frame of 15-minutes calls for the presentation to be clear and succinct, including content that is clinically relevant for the clients and assessable within the venue. The conference room allowed for the use of an overhead projector …show more content…

Using the Bloom’s taxonomy as a guide, the learning objectives were chosen to ensure that each outcome fulfils a learning stage, beginning with the foundational learning areas and finishing with the more advanced outcomes that call for a complex understanding of a topic (Adams, 2015). The first and second outcomes are based on knowledge attainment and comprehension. The third outcome calls for the learner to analyse the positive effects of changing their clinical practice. The fourth objective focuses on the client synthesising the knowledge learnt and applying it to an unrehearsed scenario. The final outcome calls for evaluation of prior practice and how new knowledge will assist their future practice (Su & Osisek,

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