Realism Vs Rationalism

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INTRODUCTION The rationalist view states that the reasoning is the unique factor in humans. They say that we (humans) are thinkers capable of reasoning. The right way to live can be delivered through reasoning. Logic is used by rationalist as the standard principle of knowledge (testing claims of reality, truth, to make judgments and taking conclusions out of them). In order to perceive logic through the process of a rationalist it has to be fallacy proof and should be free from critical thinking. Biasness and emotions have no place in rationalism. People confuse free thinking and rationalism but the literal meaning does not connect them together. Free thinking is a non restrictive definition on the other hand rationalism is a restrictive …show more content…

he cannot just state that ‘’ God doesn’t exist’’. As rationalism demands logic and concept so he can’t even state that ‘’ God is the one moving this whole universe’’. So a rationalist will take the existence of god as logically meaningless and he will take the position of a noncognitivist. The above example does not mean that rationalist cannot have any opinion about anything. An opinion that does not contradict logic observation or evidence does not prevent from forming an indefinite opinion. Reasoning gives us the power to rise above our wants, desires, enabling us to define ourselves. According to Pluto: Reason is the highest part of a human nature. The three defining parts of human nature where reason should dominate which are aggression, reason and appetite. The highest power a human persist is the reasoning. Our propensity to think is the proof of our spiritual nature. When an individual ruminate and reason he is engaged in such activities that our substantial body cannot continue with (evidence of an immaterial soul) . The self is immortal. According to Aristotle: If you want to know the truth about human nature it only involves the understanding of our own world and not an immaterial self. The ability to reason is that attribute of a human which positions him apart from the creatures of the rest of the …show more content…

To full fill the will of god 2. To serve god 3. To love god • To full fill the will of god: In order to fulfill the will of god you have to subsume your personal will to fulfill the will of god. • To serve god : To serve god means to serve humanity. We and god share the same attributes but the control and power in the attributes of god are infinite and ours in finite. As we share the same attributes god has created us to serve our fellow men (humanity). • To love god: To love god doesn’t mean to follow god but to follow the will of god not because of the fear but because of love. Love is always a free choice.

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