Rcg Family Praise Chapel Research Paper

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A church is commonly referred to as a building used for public Christian worship. However, many people refer to a church as an organization. The Redeemed Christian Church of God Family Praise Chapel (RCCG) is a sanctified family church, not an organization located in Decatur, Georgia. This church is managed by a pastor named Adefila, but as a family church, everyone does everything possible to sustain the church. RCCG Family Praise Chapel 's mission as a church is to strengthen marriages and families, encourage Christian fellowship, evangelize, and minister to the needy.
As soon as you reach the church making a left, you will see a sign in a rectangular shape, in a cream bright color, the writings on the sign are written in black, giving the name of the church, location, how many services they have, and the time the program starts every Sunday. …show more content…

The floor upstairs is where the children 's service takes place, while the base downstairs is for the adults. Entering the first floor, there are two fired stairs to climb to go into the church supported by steel handles. The two fired stairs are made of bricks, attached together and in a pale grey color. The brick has threads that are about 6-inch high, 4-inch wide, 8-inch long that are designed to be laid horizontally on the ground. Going into the church, are two white doors in a very small building attached to the main church with the handles made with steel. The shape of the building is a square, pink roof is in a triangular shape. There’s a 5 foot high table by the left and has some church flyers, cards, and the church calendar on it. In this same building, there are colorful flower vases everywhere. On top of that square building is a 6 foot tall white statue in the shape of a cross on top of it sitting on the square building that people can easily notice it, but people just have a habit of not caring about the symbol of their Christianity right in their

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