Essay On Reading Problems Among Children

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Nurameera Qistina Bt Mahathir Wan Nadjihah Bt Wan Roslan
Reading is very important in our daily life since childhood to adult. We start from basic alphabetical until we can spell and reads. Most of us read without even thinking about it. It is a skill we take for granted yet one that is essential for being able to get on in life. As a child grows up, being able to read well not only enables them to discover new facts and to learn at school, but also opens them up to a world of new ideas, stories and opportunities. According to the online Cambridge dictionary, (2017) reading means the skill or activity getting information from books or an occasion when something written, especially a work of literature, is spoke to an audience. So that, from reading we can get any information that we need or enhance our knowledge. Reading is a powerful
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Even in cases where the language of instruction policies mandate use of mother tongue in the early primary grades, other barriers to effective reading instruction still persist, including insufficient investment in teacher training and instructional materials in mother tongues. Education is one of the most important investments a country can make in its people and its future. According to a report by the Early Grade Learning Community of Practice Education (2011), nowadays, there have some country that can be categorized as less developed country might be lacks of equipment for reading tools such as books, electronic devices and others is one of the causes for less reading in children. Some school lack basic literacy skills and therefore do not master further content

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