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Ready Player One, the novel by Ernist Cline, about a whole new world inside of a computer. This new virtual world, the OASIS, is its own society controlled by a industry named IOI, and everything and every avatar gets scanned through this industry just to be in the OASIS. This society is filled with created avatars, by people in the real world who spend hours on this game council. They get to design themselves and look however they want with a creative name they prefer. The main character in this book is Wade Owen Watts, but in this video game, his avatar is named Parzival. Wades excuse to escape into the OASIS is because of his socially awkward personality and his overweight body. Ready Player One is connected to the holocaust because of its controlled environment of IOI, representing Hitler. Also the Holocaust was a very traumatic time for victims and many were …show more content…

IOI is representing Hitler, because they are the Innovative Online Industry, and they allow access to the video game council and provide goods and services within the OASIS, so they control users. “I hated being stuck in a safe zone, Wade.”(chapter 4, p.4, RPO) Little do the users know, every new user goes through the IOI, and they know your whole background records through the schools your avatar is attending in the OASIS. Most users are not as smart as others, so they put all their background information on the council when they first sign up. This makes it easy for the IOI because they have all the access they want to you and your family. For example, the IOI was threatening Wade by putting a bomb on his house and blowing up him and his family members. Wade was in his secret hideout place at the time and thought they were bluffing but in reality the bomb killed his whole family. Hitler makes his own decisions, as well as the IOI, and they both nothing will hurt them because they control

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