Reasons: 8 Steps To Quitting Smoking

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8 Steps to Quit Smoking In these days, the number of smokers has become lower and lower. This is because of the numerous anti-smoking campaigns, such as terrifying pictures printed on tobacco packs and anti-smoking television advertisings created all over the word that can cause people are smoking with scare and ashamedness. Furthermore, most people want to stop smoking, but they do not know what they should do and what steps to follow. Therefore, if people understand the process of quitting smoking step-by-step, they can prepare themselves to stop smoking easier, do not relapse, and can improve their life. The step of quitting smoking includes 8 steps. The first step is to make the decision to quit. Identifying the reasons for quitting smoking can help people have goals in their mind. When people have an aim in their life, it will drive them to make an effort for achieving their intention. Some people have ever attempted to stop smoking before, but they cannot be successful. They should not let this failure to be an obstacle because people can always start a new chapter in their life. When people just start trying to quit smoking, it means that they have a chance of success. Therefore, this step is the most important of stopping smoking. …show more content…

The smoking is not only a physical addiction to nicotine, but it is also a mental addiction. So, people have to think about their high-risk situations that can lead them to keep coming back to smoke and then, they should plan to defend those circumstances. This step will help people who are trying to quit smoking deal with the risk situations better. The example of encountering with a trigger, if some people often smoke while they are drinking coffee in the morning, they can avoid the risk time by planning to have the first coffee at their work that they cannot smoke at that

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