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Variation is a difference of characteristics such as structure, form, function, colour and size when compared to others of the same species within a specific environment. Variation can occur through mutation, the recombination between chromosomes and migration, of which usually happens due to environmental or genetic factors. Variation permits the survival of species in a changing environment and ensures protection from exposure to diseases or environmental disasters. Those who possess variation in species ensures that when their environment changes the individuals will have the variation that will allow them to survive while those who do not possess the variation will die out. This is natural selection and goes hand in hand alongside variation.…show more content…
It is the largest of all breeds of Kangaroos and originates from Northern Australia’s warm, wet climate. The distribution of this species is believed to be a leading cause in the variety of species. The red kangaroo has adapted so that the dominant male of the group can pass on its set of chromosomes. This allows the highest quality of genes to be passed on and ensures their survival within that specific environment. Thus, the red kangaroo adapted its reproductive system to increase the continuity of the species. The female red kangaroo can hold up to three young at any time which allows the rapid production of young and the continuity of species. Grey Kangaroos are mainly found in parts of Eastern Australia within semi-arid environments to woodlands and forest. The grey kangaroo breed throughout the year although, unlike red kangaroos they can only produce one young at a time. They mainly dwell in the trees due to the forest type of environment they live in and are smaller than the red kangaroo. The red kangaroo has a short coat, typically red fur with a white belly and the tip of its tail is pale. The Grey Kangaroo has a grey coat and the tip of its tail is dark. The difference in colour is due to the different environments in which they’ve

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