Reflection About Architecture

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architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves Julia Morgan at the end of high school year choosing your career becomes difficult every once and then, at first I had no clue about what I want, while looking at other students who have managed to choose their career and found something they were into, after a period of thinking I thought of something I was good at, art, I admire art and really appreciate it but I never thought of studying it, until I read about architecture which is full of art, in this world there must be people who design art I thought? Because how come that these buildings we see look great, I came to conclude that architecture shows the important aspect of beauty, where it is both the progress and the…show more content…
I followed him on snap chat and started understanding more about detailed designs that I would never think about, I decided to try to contact him, between myself I thought that he would never answer or would be busy all the time but i was surprised to hear him answer immediately without hesitation, at first it was really difficult because not many companies wanted to higher architects because it wasnt something familiar with, he replied with full attention that an architect should have the heart of the artist and the mind of an analyst to design buildings, I ended the call with a surprising face, how could a famous architect be this nice to answer random people. I wrote every detail he said and went through every point I doubted. Keeping the principle of architecture in my mind. The style of design and method of construction of buildings became clear to me which made a huge influence on my thinking after all what happened I really look forward to studying
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