Personal Narrative: Oak Bridge Community Church

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I have involved with music since I was a child, however, the thought of architecture and acoustics never came to mind. When it came to high school I soon realized that there were certain designs and elements that each venue had, but never thought much of it. Until this class I never knew how much went into the design of certain architectural structures such as music venues, offices, apartments, etc. Each structure has certain design elements that make them individually pleasing to the people who interact with them. One place that I found to be interesting in regards to the acoustics in a public venue is my church back home in St. Louis, Missouri. Before Oak Bridge Community Church moved into their new building they were located in a movie theater. When it came to the sound quality of each service the sound wasn’t at its best per say, nor did it display the talent that was amongst our band. The acoustics in that theater weren’t up to par and made the “concert feel” displeasing.
As our church continued to keep growing, God lead our church to a new space to call our home. The new Oak Bridge Community Church was originally a Reuther Ford dealership that mainly consisted of masonry concrete walls along with masonry bricks as well as solid concrete floors and open metal structure ceiling. During the renovation, the building …show more content…

Every day humans are surrounded by both sound and architecture. Oak Bridge Community Church has opened my eyes to the differences and importance in the bond between sound and architecture. The first service that was held in the new building put me in awe. I never realized the impact that it had on my view of church. From going to this poorly designed movie theater to this awesome new renovated structure made much of a difference in the enjoyment of going to church. Who knew architecture and acoustics could bring me closer to

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