Paytience: A Short Story

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Paytience, I am pretty sure I have told part of this story before, but let's be real, which of my stories haven't you heard at least twice. I think I told it at your birthday a few years ago, but I'm going to share it again because there is more about it I want to tell you. The story is about how I remember the moment I wanted to be your friend. We were sitting in the cafeteria first semester not long after character camp. We were on the Keeter side at a table towards the back near the middle aisle. I don't completely remember the reason you did it, but you handed me a Kindle fire and some earbuds and had me listen to this catchy song you had on SoundCloud. The female vocals came on and you told me it was you singing on your friend's album. I straight up did not believe you. I started to listen more intently. Once I believed it was you, which took me longer than it should have, I remember clearly thinking in all caps "WHO IS THIS GIRL AND HOW DO I BECOME HER FRIEND?" I think I complimented you and your…show more content…
It stared that day, but the lines that define those two groups have only become more solidified with time. I'm not sure if you remember the Jones production of "Big Fish," but there is a line in that show about how the father sees women in two categories which is very similar to what I just shared. I remember resonating a lot with that line during the show because deep down, I saw the world through a similar paradigm. Like the father in the story, there was a girl I knew who was in such a league of her own it changed the way I looked at half the population of the world. And that's you. That's you before you get out of bed. That's you on the days you screw up and make mistakes. That's you with all your flaws. That's you. Because no one has ever been a more beautiful picture of grace to me then you
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