Reflection In My Writing Process

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During my writing process I struggled with finding ways to personally identify with my chosen character. I understood that the purpose of the assignment was too analyze the character and analyze ourselves through them. Although I was able to find some parallels between us I also had problems making my paper flow properly, so my reader would understand the full message. I made my own outline while that helped a little I still struggled to come up with thoughts to support my argument. Half way through the outline I decided to change my character from Taystee from Orange is the New Black to Annalise Keating, so I had to scrap it and start fresh. When working through my new outline I did not go in any order which is probably why everything might not flow. I took a break from the paper for a day to just watch episodes from the show that back up my thoughts on paper, and it helped me add more details. I believe that the peer reviews were very beneficial in wrapping up my writing process. With the first peer review I was able to get some much need feed back on the gaps in my paper. I used the notes from my classmates to improve my paper. They brought up interesting questions which in turn allowed me to elaborate more on certain topics. The second review was also very helpful because I feel I read my writing how I would speak so I do not necessarily catch the double wording or the spelling mistakes. Having someone else look I over for me helped me catch the minor mistakes throughout

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