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Education is a fundamental element to the survival and success of any individual, it can be described as an enlightening experience, which can lead to the desire to acquire further knowledge. Education can be defined as knowledge or a skill obtained from attending school or higher education however I believe that the definition is unique to an individual, based on their morals, values and the purpose of education for them. My personal definition of education differs slightly from the formal one, knowledge or a skill obtained from a variety of areas of life. My personal interpretation of education has enhanced and developed throughout my life, this has been a result of different factors which have affected me personally. I believe there are…show more content…
This vocational form of education does not necessarily train people to be educated but it is still constitutes as learning for the sake of learning. An informal education is fundamental to the success a person will experience throughout their life time. I believe the philosophy behind my understanding of education is practical, although I understand that many would not agree and would argue that an educated individual is one who has had a formal education and possesses the qualification to prove it. Furthermore an informal education is often overlooked if the individual has not attended a higher education institute, they may be seen as uneducated and therefore not eligible for the same opportunities an ‘educated’ person is. However, although I think that my philosophy is practical, it is not being implemented so this has led me to believe that there must be disadvantages to this. There are a number of disadvantages to the philosophy behind my understanding of education. Firstly, it is very difficult to measure how educated a person is if they have only ever had an informal education, the individual may have obtained practical skills that they can demonstrate however, some life skills cannot be illustrated.

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