Reflection Of Law Essay

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I am greatly fascinated by the law – an institution that can evoke feelings of safety and security within some, but fear within others. The divisions currently existing within the legal system, such as issues on the accessibility of justice, to more basic issues of misconceptions about the law, all play a part in exacerbating this disparity, while also paving the way for unfairness within the system. This, I believe, is deserving of much attention, especially so considering the great impact that the law has on every single person under its jurisdiction – shaping the way people behave and societies function.

Volunteering at the office of Cabinet Minister Lim Swee Say has brought me to the forefront of the inequality existing within Singapore’s legal system. There, I worked closely with the financially vulnerable and noticed how disproportionately large numbers of them had previous brushes with the law. With limited interactions with trusted adults able to offer them with guidance in their formative years, owing to their coming from single-parent families, many had a limited understanding of the law. In addition, many of these individuals, with incarcerated parents, also grow up to view the law as a malevolent, not, benevolent institution. This lack of information and inherent distrust of the law then increases their risk of committing crime. I find it deplorable, how whole communities, due to the environment they are exposed to in their formative years – without sufficient

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