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Reflection on the death of Ninoy Aquino II In a country that is booming on its economic produce and competes with other nations in the global market and international trade ; In a country where world renowned tourist spots like famous churches, endemic animals, white sand beaches, underground river and hills can be found ; In a country composed of 7,107 magnificent islands made up with different races and languages spoken and rich in natural ressourcs and cultural heritage; In a country that joins in the uprise of technological advantages snd business establishments in infastractures ; In a country, the Philippines where , the Filipino people went through a lot from fighting off colonizers and protecting the rights of each individual that…show more content…
The Filipinos showed their love for the country as well as to Ninoy. It was seen as the Filipino people were one in Ninoy’s death and that we truly realized a person’s cause and value if that person is gone. Ninoy may be gone, but his teachings will live forever. Now , with all these happenings in our nation as mentioned from the start of this work, let me ask you again the question : Are the Filipinos still worth dying for?” My answer to that is YES, because as long as there are people who continue to serve our country well and people who believe in the power of democracy, as long as we continue to educate the youth about Nationalism and to do good for your country, as long as we commemorate and never forget and still continue to teach the young ones the reason why Ninoy died , we are worth dying for. All that had happened before, during and after the assassination of Ninoy Aquino was a representation of what can happen in our society in a snap of a finger. What is important is that as an Iskolar ng Bayan, we know what our worth as Filipinos and we stand in our own respective principles. It is also important that in whatever we do, we should think that we do it for HONOR AND EXCELLENCE. And that at the end of the day, we are all still FILIPINOS ; one race, one

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