Reflective Essay's A Child Called It

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Your work changed my view of self by realizing that I don’t have a bad life. Growing up, my parents would always fight, drank a lot, my dad was rarely home, my mom was unhappy, and I never really felt like I had an actual family. I witnessed a lot of bad things that happened between my parents when they fought and is something I’d never wish upon anyone. My parents got divorced when i was 9, which I took very hard because I had to live with my mom by court and I missed my dad a lot. I thought having divorced parents was hard but after reading A Child Called “It”, I was appreciative of my childhood because I wasn’t abused, wasn’t treated badly by my mom, and was loved by both of my parents. Although my parents would physically fight, I was never abused. Some nights my dad would leave when my mom would fight with him but I would always sit by the front door waiting for him until he came home. I lived with my mom after the divorce and it was easy at first because I was young but as I…show more content…
I will say it hurts to be not wanted by a parent but I have to realize that someone always has it worse, such as the boy that gets treated badly and gets abused by his mom in A Child Called “It”. I can relate to the book in a way because my mom treats me bad and my dad feels bad that she does this to me so he treats me good. My dad does everything he can for me and tries to make sure I’m always happy. I will say that I do miss my mom and I get mad at myself for it because she wants nothing to do with me and doesn’t miss me so i don’t know why I do. I don’t have the best life but I have to remind myself that someone always has it worse. I feel like when I grow up, I will be like “It” in the book because I want to be on my own and never have to look back at the hard times. I want to be happy and create my own family and never put my family what i went through growing up from reading A Child Called
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