Regina Spektor: Song Analysis

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3. Samson by Regina Spektor. Another good artist is Regina Spektor who became popular because of her song Samson. The song is about the Samson’s story taken from the Holy Book-- the Bible. However, there had been arguments saying that the lyrics were not from Delila’s perspective. Why? Because it was stated in the pre chorus that the Bible did not mention about them (“and the Bible didn’t mention us, not even once.”) So who is this girl that the Bible did not mention? Well we don’t know for now.
4. Dust in the Wind by Kansas. Of course who could forget about the classics? Dust in the Wind is a song played mainly using a guitar but the melody is superb. Plus the voice which was so smooth that it will make us feel like the wind indeed.
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Make it With You by Bread. Another love song serenaded to our ears by the Bread. This song is indeed sung with the heart as it tells the listeners how the singer wants to make it with his love one in this kind of world. This song only show how true love is if you just find it and fight for it.
9. Champagne Supernova by Oasis. From the popular band Oasis, the song Champagne Supernova is something that we can’t forget in this list. The song tells about how people change but still you will find him caught beneath the landslide.
10. Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. A song from the year 2000’s, another heartbreak song from the soulful singer Christina Perri. The song is accompanied by a piano to add to the feels of how she was left by her lover. The song tells about a man who is just jumping from one woman to another - collecting his jar of hearts.
11. Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer. This song had been revised by a lot of singers but how Sixpence None the Richer sang it is the best. Music is played by a full band but the loudness is kept as it minimal which makes it sound good also if played by a sole acoustic guitar. This is a love song telling about beautiful places where you can be kissed magically by the one in your

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