Relationship Between Nationalism And Capitalism

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What is the historical relationship between nationalism and capitalism ? Nationalism and capitalism are related concepts through the history which are so important because both of them influenced each other. As we know that these concepts are developed from the discovery of America, finding new resources and industrial revolution but how did the nationalism and capitalism’s relationship occur? But initially, what is the nationalism? and what is the capitalism ? The concept of nationalism is defined as according to Miscevic(2001), “1) the attitude that the members of a nation have when they care about their national identity and 2) the actions that the members of a nation take when selecting to achieve (or sustain) self-determination.” Capitalism…show more content…
With the improvement transportation, Europeans traded manufactured goods with the Africans and they exchange for slaves and this slaves were used in America on plantations and C.W (2013) states that there occured mercantilism British government wanted to establish powerful economy and protect traders so they planned to mazimize utility so mercantilisit thought is related nationalism and then European countries were enrichment and this led to the Industrial Revolution in Britain and the industrial revolution expanded the capitalism in the United States. With the industrial revolution and capitalism , countries entered the new process, nationalism. Elder (2012) states that industrialization increased nationalism in some countries such as Germany and Italy. These countries have to increase the value or productivity and quality of good because they wanted to become one and greater to defend their countries so nationalism was more important in industrializing…show more content…
According to Simkin (1997), the first sugar plantation cultivate in the Spain’s Canary Islands and then cultivation was spread rapidly because sugar consumption increased in Europe and sugar production had to increased but there was an important thing that laborer was unsufficient, for this reason, Europeans carried slaves from Africa for working in sugar plantation. Therefore, University of Michigan states that slave trading became important because this was highly profitable trade. Slave owner keep slaves like agrigultural worker or they sold slaves. Also, according to Ott (2014), with the begining of sugar plantation, European moved African slaves to the Caribbean and this slaves were legal status like a chattel because they were moveable and transable to another owner. Thus, this was a new form of capital. Chattel enhanced capital. Not only sugar but also silver and gold became important. Besides, according to Tignor&Adelman (2010), there was many gold and silver mines in America so gold and silver were moved by Europeans. This caused extraction and economically power for Europe and Europeans constituted colonies and this colonies provided wealth to their mother countries and thus, there was occured a new term; mercantilism. One country’s benefit become the other countries loss. Therefore, colonies provided more value for mother colonies. Mercantilism includes some principles; the first is

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