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My uncle Remi has been a big influence in my life. His personality is something I have always admired. He has taught me many helpful life skills. He has taught me discipline and respect. He has shown me the most about how to work on my farm and be able to work in the most effective way possible. He is very supportive and helpful in giving me wisdom in my athletics. Lastly he has always been there for my family taking care of us when we need things done.

To begin, my uncle has a very interesting personality. His personality is kind of the way I want my personality to be like. He is very strong and smart. When it comes to asking for any knowledge that I need to know about someone or something I ask him. He has all the answers so I usually
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When I was younger I was a little rude kid now that I look back at myself I regret what I did and it is kind of embarrassing. Although when I got out of hand when Remi was around I learned my lesson. He taught me a lot about respect and how to behave twards people and when you are around other people. The reason I listened to him was he was not a usual relative where I could act how I wanted around him. No not around Remi, Remi would bend you over and whip you out in front of anybody if what you had done was significant enough. So I feared and respected him. He was always the guy I did not want to disappoint and the guy who I did not want anybody to tell how I have been acting. I was embarrassed if he found out what I had done I would feel like I let him down. Now that I look at it that is a good thing because that would teach me my lesson. I would not want Remi to find out that I did something bad so I would think twice before doing something he would not approve. His discipline also flowed over into sports. He would tell me how not to act in a game and how to show some respect and integrity when I play. He would give me examples of who not to play like and go on rambling about how what they did was so wrong. I agreed a lot with that. No one should have acted the way that one person did in that game and it ruined that person's reputation really bad. So I never wanted myself to be known as that one person who did an…show more content…
Ever since I was about seven years old I have been doing some sort of hard work for my uncle year round. I had only been doing that work because Remi taught me over the years how to do it. For example he taught me how to run the farm equiptment like running the truck, tractor, combine, bailer, swather and so on. I get to run equipment like that for him because he trusts me that I know what I am doing. He trusts me because he taught me how to do it. Besides equipment he taught me how to take care of cattle year round. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication but our family has been doing it for a long time so we know what we are doing. He taught me about calving and how important it is to take care and keep a close eye on your cattle all throughout the night. Calving for us happens in the winter so the weather is most of the time a huge factor in life or death to the calf if a human is not around to take care of it. There are consequences for making a mistake or sometimes accidents happen, but ultimately it teaches you the great responsibility of taking care of your cattle. He also taught me about vaccination which usually occurs at brandings in the summer making sure your herd stays healthy. Other than cattle you have to grow your crops which help feed your cattle all through the winter. He taught me about seeding and harvesting how certain crops are better for your cattle

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