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Albert Hall Museum: Rare Antiques You Must See When In Jaipur, India
Maharaja (great king) Sawai Ram Singh originally wanted this incredible structure to be used as a town hall. However, his successor Madho Singh II decided instead, that having a building that would house all of Jaipur’s major artwork would be more beneficial instead. Now, the Albert Hall Museum is the oldest museum that also functions as the State museum, in Rajasthan, India. Designed by Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob (a British Army officer and Director of the Jaipur PWD), with the help of architect Mir Tujumool Hoosein, construction started initially to greet Kind Edward, the Prince of Wales, when he was to make a visit to India. Ten years later in 1876 the museum was opened to the public, displaying many paintings, carpets, metal and wood crafts, arms, weapons, and much more. You will enjoy exploring some of the same artifacts that those from over 100 years ago also fell in love with. In fact, let’s take a look at some of them now.
Ticket information
Almost standing in the middle of the street, this architectural masterpiece was designed and built in the Indo-Saracenic style. There are many archways, floors, and it’s all incredibly symmetric. You’ll need to purchase your ticket right outside the entrance gate: 300 INR (4.52 USD) for foreign visitors, 150 INR (2.25 USD) for foreign students, and 40 INR (0.60 USD) for Indian citizens, and 20 INR (0.30 USD) for Indian students.

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