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The Confederate Flag One of the most debated topics throughout American history is about what the Confederate flag represents. Some people believe that it represents Southern pride, while others see it as a sign of hate towards African- Americans. The Confederate flag can be used as a symbol of white supremacy, but can also be seen as a tribute to fallen Confederate soldiers. Now, the Confederate flag wasn’t seen as such a terrible thing when it was first created. At first, it was used during Civil war battles and was a memorial to fallen soldiers who had died fighting for their independence. If this was how it was received now, no one would have a problem with it, but as time went on, the perception of the flag started to change. In the 1940s, a Dixiecrat party was formed and they used the flag as a symbol to support segregation. Confederate heritage organizations tried to protect the flag from misuse by having several Southern states pass laws to penalize “desecration” of the flag, but this did not help. Confederate heritage groups lost control of the flag and its real …show more content…

Even though it is supposed to be used as a memorial to fallen Civil war heroes, it is more commonly used as a hatred symbol in today’s society. This flag has caused many social issues throughout the country. On June 17th, 2015, Dylann Roof shot and killed nine people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. When he was convicted, he admitted to only serving the Confederate flag. Of course this terrible thing sparked numerous debates about the confederate flag being waved at public places. It started even more conversations when it was found out that Roof’s intention was to start a Civil war! Imagine if that actually happened again! This flag is only giving the country more problems that it doesn’t need. The Confederate flag belongs in the past because citizens of America have turned it into a horrible thing that should be

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