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For my first revised poetry response I chose my response on “Scenes from the Playroom” by R.S. Gwynn because when I was reading through the poems that were assigned for that day it was the title that had quickly caught my attention followed by the second line of the poem. At first, from the title, I thought the poem would be a happy, uplifting poem about a child and their toys. However, that was not the case after I read the first two lines of the poem. This was when I knew the poem was going to be something I did not expect, which was true because instead I read a poem about two children and their psychotic tendencies that was shown through how they treated their toys and pets. My second chose for a revised poetry response was “Out, Out –” by Robert Frost. What caught my attention about this poem was how I quickly understood what was occurring. I didn’t have to stop and reread lines until I got near the end of the …show more content…

I feel that my sentence structure has improved but, what I still identify as a weakness is that I tend to drift from topic when writing and making sure I don’t summarize what I had previously written in the conclusion. What I have learned so far in the study of literature is that when it comes to poetry you need take the poem line by line sometimes to understand it. My favorite piece of literature so far has been reading Hamlet by William Shakespeare because I enjoyed reading plays when I was in English such as Romeo and Juliet and A Streetcar Named Desire. My least favorite was some of the poetry because I had always had difficulty in breaking down the poem and understanding what it was about. I don’t think I have learned anything new about myself as a result of this course except it reminded me why I enjoyed reading

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