What Are The Bad Working Conditions Related To The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was the changeover to a new manufacturing process. It has started in Britain, then it spread to America. Before industrialization, people had to manage things by hand, with the industry beginning people lost their jobs and lost their income. Urbanization was the central factor in the industrial revolution because with the population increasing there can be more factories. Farmers were going from the country to the city. The French Revolution was the abolition of absolute monarchy and feudalism. The revolution started out in 1789 and it ended in the late 1790s.. During the Industrial Revolution, there were class struggles. There was the free market that was unmanageable. There was an injustice because of capitalist economy. When there is injustice, uncontrollable free market and capitalism there are bad working conditions. The peasants lived in tenements, which were multistory building that are unhealthful. They did not have any running water either. These buildings were overcrowded. …show more content…

He was the first person to utilize the word Utopia. He 's famous for his book Utopia in 1516. Saint Simon was a Frenchman who fought the American Revolution, but he stayed neutral in the French Revolution. He advocated reforms and wanted to receive rid of inheritance. Simon did a social fund and he wanted the socialist govern the countries. Voltaire
Saint Simon viewed humans as greedy and wanted to make a utopia society. He opposed the revolution because the previous revolution failed. Simon wanted the captains of the industry to control the nation 's capital. He also wanted the labor organizations to control the social club. He fought for the spiritual and the religious matters be governed by the scientist. He also considered that Christianity should be pared down to the philosophy and the morality. He wanted to abolish the inheritance and he desired to unite all instruments of labor in the social

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