Rhetorical Analysis Of Address To Again By Alfred M Green

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In the Civil war, the Union fought against the confederates over the issue of slavery at a time when the Union denied Northern African Americans access from enlisting in the Union army. In his speech to his fellow African Americans, Alfred M. Green’s uplifting call to action is presented through the use of diplomatic tone, compelling appeals, and fervent repetition proclaiming the need for them to participate in the war. First, Green starts displaying a diplomatic tone by implicitly portraying what patriotism means to him. He believes that, “right or wrong,” one should love his country. By instilling this patriotic tone, Green suggests that African Americans should feel the same way as him. People who join the army express patriotism and sacrifice …show more content…

He starts the second and third paragraph by saying “It is true.” This captures their attention. Green also references historical allusions that remind African Americans of the overwhelming amount of pain and lassitude they suffered in the past. By repeating the facts over and over to the African Americans, Green hopes that they realize they must put up a fight. In the fourth and fifth paragraph, Green repeatedly uses the terms “let us” and “brethren” as a way to call out to the African Americans and bind them together. This reinforces the idea of unity and working together, just like troops in the army work together as a team in order to win a battle. Green encourages the African Americans to intercede in the widespread dilemma. The term “zeal” also repeats in the fourth and fifth paragraph. Green wants African Americans to join the army and fight for the rights they deserve. Green exhorts a push of enthusiasm to get the African Americans to believe that they can get what they want. His use of repetition generates a passionate intensity that Green hopes African Americans also

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