Rhetorical Analysis Of Just Shoot Me

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Amy B. Wang and Kristine Phillips question the choices the Weirton Police Department in West Virginia made on the career of Stephen Mader, who recently lost his job after he hesitates to shoot, in their article, “‘Just shoot me,’ an armed man told a cop. The officer didn’t and was fired, his lawsuit claimed.” On May 6, 2016, Stephen Mader received a domestic dispute call, and “once on the scene, he encountered a “visibly distraught” man named Ronald J. Williams.” ( Mader tries to convince the man to lower his gun, but Williams refuses; therefore, when Williams raised his gun, another officer killed him. A month later, Mader was fired for not following the police department 's procedures. He considers this case unjustified due to the fact that he did the right thing, he was called to the scene because Williams was trying to commit suicide, and in his best judgment, Mader chose to not fire his arms. Mader was in no danger, therefore, there was no need to fire and no need for him losing his job. Even though he was a Marine and Afghanistan war veteran, Mader’s decision was questioned.

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