Rhetorical Analysis Of Charles Krauthammer's Article

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As American voters have to make the important decision of who to vote for on November 8th, it is imperative for voters to become informed on the candidates, in both facts of policy and opinion, and of their respective personalities. Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer takes advantage of this time of discovery and trial with the candidates, in his weekly columns to The Washington Post, where he both appeals to logos and utilizes allusions to expand on his political arguments. Krauthammer appeals to logos throughout his articles to enhance his writing and to deliver further credibility to his argument. In his article, “The Coming Trainwreck,” Krauthammer presents the statistic that only “25 percent of Americans feel we’re on the right …show more content…

Krauthammer begins his article, “What’s the Case For Hillary Clinton?” by referencing, “Trump’s various barstool eruptions.” This allusion to a bar fight provides the conclusion that Trump has his flaws, while creating a visual representation of Trump’s temperament in the mind of Krauthammer’s audience. This allows the reader to immerse themselves in the scenario, and engage the text in an entertaining and thorough manner. Krauthammer further uses allusions throughout his articles to add legitimacy to his argument. In his article, “The Bribery Standard,” he alludes to “one particularly generous Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire.” This refers to a wealthy donor to the Clinton Foundation, who attempted to obtain a meeting with Secretary Clinton through his sizable donation. His usage of this allusion not only strengthens his argument of potential corruption within the Clinton foundation, but also provides validity to Krauthammer’s argument, as it gives him the appearance that he has done thorough research on the topic. This added credibility heightens his argument and contributes to his ability to persuade his

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