Donald Trump Dunbar Speech Analysis

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In this analysis, I will address Trump’s presidential announcement speech that was held in front of a crowd in his building, Trump Towers (New York). The speech was held prior to the candidate- and presidential campaign in 2016. Trump delivered an untraditional speech when he announced that he was officially running as a republican candidate and to be a president in the upcoming election. According to Trump, he points out in his speech that America is eroding itself and current leaders of the federal US have no idea of what they are doing. Furthermore, he can’t tell what is in the best interest of the nation. The amount of criticism coming from Trump about the leaders in America and his republican opponents is tremendous. By mentioning his opponents acts and believes he puts himself in a better positon in hopes to get himself elected as the final republican candidate. Donald Trump establishes his ethos by mentioning his earlier experiences and background. According to himself he’s worth as a presidential candidate because of his experience in the business, and that he’s not the typical “nice person” that people have seen in the past elections. He’s one of a kind. No one has made it as Donald Trump. He points out that he gets questioned about if he’s a nice person and according to him, he is. He mentions his family by their name in a lists “Melania, Barron, Kai, Donnie, Don,…show more content…
They were very nationalistic and hardworking people. The people in the Frontier Heritage did everything themselves as the inhabitants went from the east to the west coast. He also mentions that he wants to rebuild the infrastructure, which is also very common in the Frontier Heritage. Trump himself is a nationalist, as said he talks as Americans were the Gods chosen people, and America is the greatest country in the world, and all problems are coming from the
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