Rhetorical Analysis Of Ellen's Commencement Speech To Tulane University

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In Ellen’s commencement speech to the Tulane University class of 2009, the use of rhetorical questions, metaphors, allusions and hyperbole gives the graduating class a time to reflect and remember their time at the University connecting with the speaker in a special way, whilst also maintaing a light and happy mood, by using comedy and entertainment. For Ellen, the road to success was very difficult nd had a tragic beginning. Her girlfriend was killed in a car accident and she was living a very dull life. She had many unanswered questions but nobody was there to answer them.

Ellen uses this episode to quickly explain a tragic event in her life. By letting the audience into a very intimate part of her life, she can connect with them. This shows the audience that she is comfortable. She is connected …show more content…

Rhetorical questions help Ellen by relating the question back to the crowd and invites them into her speech connecting them and allowing there to be a pause with a smile during serious context. Futhermore, the use of hyperboles and metaphores are important in this commencement speech.

This speech with metaphorical advice in all hopes that the graduates will at least take away one thing from the speech. That is the planned goal after any commencemnt speech after all. The inclusions of allusions in pop culture and current events is particulary apparent in Ellen’s speech. First she alludes to the Pussy Cat dolls song to explain how her personal defintion of success has changed over the years.

She contrasts the defintions of success to better suit each person for example holding down tequila shots to the better defintion of living life as a well rounded and kind person. She reassures the graduates that it is ok for things to change as long as you do what is best for your sake and not the person next to

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